Musl, verbalized simillar to the term “mussel” or “muscle”, are a “libc”, an implementation of the regular library features expressed when you look at the ISO C and POSIX requirements, plus common plug-ins, constructed on top of the Linux technique calls API.

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Musl, verbalized simillar to the term “mussel” or “muscle”, are a “libc”, an implementation of the regular library features expressed when you look at the ISO C and POSIX requirements, plus common plug-ins, constructed on top of the Linux technique calls API.

And the kernel governs use of components, mind, filesystems, and the benefits for obtaining these information, libc is in charge of:

supplying C bindings for all the OS connects

making higher-level buffered stdio, storage allotment administration, bond development and synchronisation process, discussed selection loading, etc utilising the lower-level interfaces the kernel supplies

implementing the 100 % pure selection regimes of this C lingo like strstr , snprintf , strtol , exp beautifulpeople Coupon , sqrt , etc.

musl has record and progress origins going back to 2005, but got named and initially revealed as musl last year, instead of glibc and uClibc with a dedicated goal in order to meet the needs of both very small embedded devices and typical personal desktop computers and machines.

Since 2012, musl happens to be licensed within the permissive MIT license.

Key Axioms

Ease Of Use

The simpler laws try, the less space there are for bugs, in addition to the less expensive actually in order to make important adjustments when they are desired. Efficiency has a tendency to run normally to maximum laws size and reasonably-good results. musl prefers straightforward algorithms over more difficult data unless absolutely a compelling explanation to try to do normally. musl additionally prefers minimizing abstractions, keeping signal as self-contained/uncoupled that you can. This makes it legible (although often heavy) and size-efficient as soon as static-linked.

Useful resource effectiveness

Scaling nicely “as n goes toward 0” can point so much if not more than scaling “as n travels to ?”. Design and style around this standard launched with embedded and low-end pcs in your mind, but wound up holding musl (and similar distributions) to prominence in containers implementation revolution.

Thanks to inadequate big inner coupling between libc elements, fixed back linking with musl draws in little or no code which product is not really utilizing. Less static-linked binaries might end up being under 10 kB of signal, despite having post, as well as of good use packages tends to be under 50 kB.

The principle of reasonable continuous overhead applies to runtime website consumption as well. libc’s own global records size is held no more than possible – under 8k, and probably not as any time static linking. For powerful linking, all efficiency is in a solitary common collection document (as opposed to becoming separate across libm , libpthread , librt , etc.) so there is per-component mind and startup energy overhead.

Aspect of musl’s scaling “as n would go to 0” certainly is the capacity to are powered by small piles, creating colors regarding many thread practical even yet in resource-constrained conditions.

Focus on correctness

musl was actually the first Linux libc for mutexes safe inside reference-counted items, the first one to get condvars in which newly-arrived waiters can’t rob get functions from past waiters, plus the first to enjoy employed line termination without competition problems generating resource-leak or double-close. These types of were criteria for the specification which are ignored by additional implementations, and getting them correct got due to mindful checking of these needs.

musl’s entire development history was an ongoing process of reviewing standards, attempt clarifications whenever area covers are certainly not acceptably protected, and going ahead with extreme caution when employing usability that is underspecified.

Safety under reference tiredness

Section of correctness is certainly not in for an undesirable scenario without having answer. musl always reserves sources for an operation before investing they, backing out if budget will not be available. Low-memory or additional useful resource fatigue circumstances will never be lethal; they’re always found (presuming a no-overcommit method settings) at a spot where they may be stated, permitting the required forms to deal with them considering that it deems suit.

Ordinarily, musl avoids needless vibrant allocation, and also no vibrant allocation at all in code roads in which reporting problem towards caller is absolutely not the possibility.

Easy deployment

musl’s MIT permit is compatible with all FOSS certificates, static-linking-friendly, and renders commercial utilize pain-free. Binaries statically linked with musl don’t have any exterior dependencies, actually for characteristics like DNS lookups or personality fix sales that are executed with compelling loading time on glibc. A software will become deployed as one digital data and keep going any device making use of the proper instruction adjust structures and Linux kernel or Linux syscall ABI emulation level.

First-class assistance for UTF-8/multilingual words

From prior to musl had been musl, remedy for all book as UTF-8, and treatments for non-ASCII heroes as first-rate, was actually a heart requirement. No additional locale documents or transformation segments are required to undertaking UTF-8 or query belongings of arbitrary Unicode heroes. Actually musl’s getopt let absolute Unicode characters to be utilized as choices.

DNS service for non-ASCII domain names (IDN) is not at all complete yet but will be backed as time goes by.

Localization usability, a relating but different topic, can be presently minimal but targeted for key upgrades.


Because of the musl-gcc (or musl-clang ) wrapper delivered with musl resource, it is possible on x86 Linux and various main-stream archs to judge musl and create quick C training by repurposing your body’s present glibc-based toolchain. For additional state-of-the-art utilization regarding libraries or C++, nevertheless, a dedicated corner toolchain or creating in a musl-based distribution is usually recommended. Details are available the people wiki’s starting page.